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My Story

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My name is Jasmine Wilde. I was born and raised on the Eastside of Atlanta. I went to a performing arts high school as a vocal major and creative writing minor. After graduating high school, I toured with a popular hip-hop/pop artist at the time. In my teens/early 20's I began traveling around the United States in a 15-passenger van, to performing in international tours accompanying major artists from Paramore to Rihanna. During this time, I also landed my first album placement. Basically, I was the single and childless auntie living my best life.


While touring and songwriting, I was enrolled in college. I graduated with a BA in English. During my 4 years in school I studied everything from Latin, women and gender studies, world religion, and spiritual studies.


After completing college I got married - to a Special Operations soldier. The reality of life and death become more realistic than ever. I also gave birth to two beautiful children, moved back to Atlanta, opened my first brick and mortar business; Hey Baby Ultrasound Boutique, and survived postpartum depression, birth injuries (umbilical hernia and diastasis recti), increased generalized anxiety and more.


Many of us smile on social media and suffer in private and I don't want anyone to endure what I experienced without proper tools. We want to hear and see the good and brush past the uncomfortable parts.


And, it got even darker for me. After 6 years of marriage, we divorced. The divorced stripped me of everything I created around myself. I, in a sense, lost my sense of identity. I was a mom. I was a wife.

I didn’t know who I was without those things. The divorced left me in a room with myself, and there was no escaping. But, I needed it. It forced me to go within, to remember who I was.  


On my journey into self-love, I was faced with the limitations I placed on myself. I had to figure out who I was spiritually; what did I truly believe? Who was I sexually; where were my blockages and did I truly heal from my mental, physical, & sexual traumas? Who was I to myself; did I truly see myself (shadow and light and my gifts)?


Along my self-love journey I discovered sacred circles of women. From there, I tapped back into tools and resources I had long put away. As I grew, there was no hiding from my calling. I love teaching; it always came naturally when I’d allow the flow.


My passion is using my gifts to help others. My goal is to provide tools and resources to help individuals find their center while navigating through life. I realized I was not alone in my stress and struggles. There is power in an individual sharing their story. This is why I have chosen to share my life stories with you all and have created space for others to share their stories as well.


However, my goal isn’t to make you a happier person. Disappointments happen, and they are necessary. My goal isn’t to show you how to live worry free. Worry happens and if you use it right, it can power you to find a solution. Life is happening, and it will keep happening. Much like the waves of the sea, they will continue to crash. The goal isn’t to stop the storms, the goal is to give you the tools you need to find peace within the storm until it is done raging.


Key word: Give. I am here to provide mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual tools to add to your tool belt. You’re already equipped with what you need to survive and thrive. I’m here to help you tap into yourself, organize your thoughts, and find your center.


You read this entire page for a reason. Let’s get to the bottom of what you’re searching for and let’s figure out how to manifest it into your reality. You don’t have to do this "life thing" alone and I’d like to help you see and show yourself so you can attract your tribe/village of support.

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