• Jasmine Wilde

Survival Scatter to Thriving Routines

Do your best not to recycle the trauma of stress when you’re no longer in it. “Well, when am I no longer in it?!” When you chose not to let your current situation mess with your mind & peace.

Look, sometimes after the storm we are still walking around with an umbrella. Complaining about not being able to see/feel the sun, when the sun is up and shining! It’s the huge dark umbrella that’s blocking the sun’s golden rays.

Put the d*mn umbrella down. And honestly, don’t wait until the storm stops. Dance in that rain! Tell the storm thank you for the water used to hydrate your seeds. Dance in the rain knowing your harvest is growing underneath your feet - even if you cannot see it!

Think of this; a traditional thunderstorm wasn’t created to damage your home - but it can. The storm appears as a natural cycle of life.

We have a choice to view the storm as negative - coming after us - out to harm us! Or we can choose to see it for what it really is ... a storm, rain, spreading nutrients.

What would we do without rain? Ever experienced a very hot summer? Yeah, you know the rest. We need the rain. Use it. We need the storm ... to shake sh*t up; to water the soul & soil; to help nutrients travel. Its primary goal isn’t to disrupt your life.

So ... when you DECIDE the storm isn’t here to hurt you - even though you may get bruised - reclaim your peace and create routines that keep you grounded.

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