• Jasmine Wilde

Yeah, you needed to go through that

You all have NO CLUE how many times I’ve been denied. Whether it was a flat out “NO!”, or an email “We decided to go with someone else”, or subliminal disappearance. No matter how the “no” happens, it still stings. We’ve all been rejected. It doesn’t feel good, especially when you are sensitive like me.

Let me continue expressing the rejection I’ve experienced (ha) I don’t get to talk about it much, because it’s embarrassing! I’ve been kicked out of rooms, denied access, have watched from outside, and more. Sometimes I’d feel defeated and unworthy. But on the other side of that hurt, I gain major motivation.

When you want something ... YOU DON’T QUIT. You just change the approach. Maybe it didn’t work at that angle. Sit, plan, readjust, revisit!

The tools I gained from adversity/rejection ... the tools have gains from temporary defeat, have developed me in ways hugs and praise could NEVER. Sometimes it needs to hurt.

Get all the keys you can in the darkness. The level you’re currently on, get all the knowledge you can. I guarantee you, some of the tools you learn in the struggle will help you excel at the next level.

Okay, you didn’t make it/get it ...YOU as a person are NOT a failure. It doesn’t have to be processed that was in your mind/psyche. You make the choice of perception. Okay?

Feel the disappointment, the shame, the embarrassment, the discomfort, and then get that talented a** back up.

Last month, my small business entered a room I never thought to think of. I’m thankful to know a God who sees my dreams and goes, “No. Bigger.” 😌

I wouldn’t have gotten here if I thought of myself as a failure. I’m a creative!! You guys, that means I think of 10 business ideas and projects a day!!! Some work. Some don’t.

You all have no clue how many times I’ve “failed” and adjusted at owning Hey Baby Ultrasound Boutique, too.

Honestly ... we all are winging it at times. Be brave and try! Fall and try again. And again. And again. And again.

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